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Friday September 23,  7-9pm Montclair, NJ
Ruthie's BBQ & Pizza - The Deep Dig
64-1/2 Chestnut Street, Montclair, NJ
3 sets - no cover - BYO

The sultry funk brothers known as The Deep Dig hit it - OUTSIDE!  Killer food. Family friendly.  BYO.

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Scott and scoring partner Rich Tozzoli composed about 2 hours of stunning meditation music for Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey's 21 Meditation Challenge: Miraculous Relationships.  It was like scoring a film - without a film, only the images in your mind!  

Nearly 700,000 people participated online!  The CD is available now. Click here to get yours!

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The Deep Dig is Scott's side-project with fellow session musicians/comrades Ray Levier, Rich Tozzoli, Hank Skalka and Lee Jeffryes.  Together they lay down sultry funk on compositions by the likes of Gershwin, Winehouse, The Meters, Toussaint and more. Great songs played by great musicians who are good friends… Simply put: great vibes.

This latest clip captures a Bill Wither's classic in Asbury Park, NJ.

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