FEB, 2016 - The Deep Dig boys pay tribute to The Thin White Duke at tiny local joint Ruthie's BBQ in Montclair, NJ... It's like we're cookin' in the kitchen!


JUNE, 2015

ROOFTOP YOGA at the Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten
Fans, friends and Yogis will remember Scott's amazing Soul Salutations shows at Garden State Yoga (now Powerflow), where he mixed ambient cinematic soundscapes with sultry R&B grooves.  Now he's doing it again, with super groovy Serena Soffer while she leads a Lotus styleclass on the rooftop of a badass Biergarten! All levels welcome. Bring your own mat.  $10 donation.  Profits go to charity.  Go to events for the latest



March, 2015

The Deep Dig brings it back to St. John, USVI.  Groovin' in paradise.  Recording and gigging at legendary local bras like Skinny Legs and The Beach Bar. 

March, 2014

The Deep Dig has finished up a CD "Dig It, Vol. 1." featuring sultry funk interpretations of tunes by Allen Toussaint, Bill Withers, George Gershwin, Macy Gray, John Hiatt and more... Just in time for the St. John USVI tour!

sem deepak shoot 6-11-11.JPG

February, 2014

Worked on a cool project with legendary drummer - and righteous dude - Omar Hakim.  More to come...



September, 2013

Take a journey...
Really proud of the music Rich Tozzoli & created for the Deepak & Oprah 21 Meditation Challenge: Miraculous Relationships project.  22 tracks, almost 2 hours of gorgeous film score-esque compositions.  We worked with some amazingly diverse musicians...  Grateful for the opportunity to work on the project and with Deepak again.  Here is a shot on set of of one the short wellness films we did.  

Buy it here!



September, 2013

Fun on the side...
I love when I get a chance to play guitar as a sideman. It's a nice break from the singer-songwriter work and I get use different chops, play different toys and have a lot of fun.  It's especially fun when the songs are great.  Dave Murphy writes tunes that can beautifully touch your heart, make you smirk or take you down a strange, dark alley that you're glad you went to.  It's a great repertoire to dig into with my electrics and lap steel...  Check him out and check out the Events page to see when I may be playing with him next.

sem 12 upstate wide.jpg

June, 2013

Calm is as calm does...
When Rich Tozzoli & I started the Oprah & Deepak 21 Day Meditation Challenge project, we decided to retreat to a remote location where we could focus on music and have it reflect the environment we wanted to create... Luckily for me, my aunt owns this house in Upstate NY and it was open.  Rich transformed it into a world-class studio within 35 minutes.  We had a stash of beautiful guitars - including a couple of 12 Strings that hadn't seen much love lately.  We also recorded electric, lap steel, cello and the natural sounds of the lake and area.  Needless to say, it worked like a charm.  The results were beautiful.

upstate panoramic house.jpg


June, 2013

Waxing nostalgic...
How cool is this:  getting asked to record an original wax cylinder recording... where Thomas Edison invented recording... on the same equipment... at the location of where he changed the world with his inventions... on a beautiful day... with great musicians... !!  Jazz guitarist John Ehlis invited me to sit in with an ensemble to play and record an original composition at the Thomas Edison Museum in NJ.  A total blast.  I actually own one of the cylinder phonographs, so it was extra fun for me. Listen below!


April, 2013

Road trippin'...
Found myself in Nashville for the first time since I made my last record.  Not working this time (though I managed to get my hands on a 40's Gibson J-200 for a little while), but a family Roots-Rock & BBQ Road Trip.  I consider it primary education for the young-in's.  We made great stops in Southern Virginia, North Carolina, The Great Smoky Mt. National Park, Kentucky (including one my fave Bourbon distilleries)... whipped through OH, WV and PA.  1500 miles in all.  Saw some great friends, music and ate well, of course.   Next time in Nashvegas, I'll be doing some playing for real.



March 2013

Nice gig if you can get it...
Some friends invited me down to St. John, USVI to hang, play with their funk band and do some of my tunes.   Nothing about that is bad in any way...